Roses for Valentine’s Day

Compare Rose Prices for Valentine’s Day

When searching for a florist online to send your loved one roses for Valentine’s Day you can be spoilt for choice with the vast number of companies trying to sell you flowers. To get the best deal the local florist is always the way to go. Order roses for Valentines Day from Hanging Basket Florist Rockingham here.

Search Google for “your town florist” and see what comes up. Many of the results will be strictly online operators, known in the florist industry as Order Gatherers – they do not actually handle any flowers but will take your order and send it on to a local florist minus a commission. While the slick websites, professional photography and extensive advertising may be impressive, the trap with placing your order with a company of this type is that you often do not get a good price, with some of these online operators charging a service fee as well as an inflated delivery fee. Typically your local florist will only charge a delivery fee of around $10 and no other service fee.

A major issue affecting the price of flowers bought from online Order Gatherers is the fact that every individual florist will have their own price and as the Order Gatherers on-sell orders to florists around the country, the prices are averaged across all markets. So while it may only cost you $120 including delivery to send a bouquet of 12 long stem red roses in a vase in Rockingham for Valentine’s Day, it may cost a lot more to send them in Sydney. One price I found online for roses to Sydney was $129.50 – not in a bouquet, not in a vase – just laid out in a long box. Another had just 6 roses in a box for $109.99! One online merchant advertising as a florist in Rockingham shows a bouquet of 12 roses in a  vase  for $119 – reading the small print the vase shown in the picture does not come with the roses and there is $12.95 delivery fee added. So that’s $131.95 for 12 roses delivered, compared $120 delivered plus you get a vase.

Another issue the online shopper must be aware of when comparing prices is what exactly are you getting when your order 12 roses? There are many different ways to present a dozen roses, and roses are available in varying lengths – longer stems being more expensive. In the example I gave comparing roses in Rockingham to a Sydney florist’s price the roses from Hanging Basket Florist include a glass vase and quality foliage with the flowers made into an impressive bouquet – compared to a bunch of roses laid out in a flat box. While the box of roses (not to be confused with a box arrangement) is often seen as romantic (a box of flowers just like in the movies!) the roses in a bouquet in a vase is more impressive and more practical. When the delivery driver walks into your loved ones work place with a big bouquet that everyone can see, in a vase that can sit on the desk, it is a lot more impressive than just receiving a box. The practical consideration is that the roses in the vase have had plenty of water from the moment they left the florist and have not been kept in a hot airless box for hours. And after receiving the box what will the recipient do with them? Do they have easy access to vases and water at work? Do they have time to put the flowers in water?

While it may seem that there are many things for a shopper to consider when sending flowers for Valentine’s Day the solution is quite simple – call your local professional florist and ask their advice. Lacking the years of experience of actually working with flowers, quality advice is not something that a call centre operator for an online-only seller will be able to give.

A Bouquet of 12 Red Roses from Hanging Basket Florist Rockingham
A Bouquet of 12 Red Roses from Hanging Basket Florist Rockingham

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  1. Awwwwww There Absolutly Gorgeous & Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Beautiful, Wish Someone Could Give Me A Bouquet Of 12 Red Roses Lol, Would Totally Make My Day.

    1. Thanks

      You will need to drop a few more hints I think – or maybe just come right out and say it!

      It’s starting to look like we will be selling out early for Valentines Day so orders need to be placed early.

  2. Update: Although our regular price for 12 Long Stem Roses in a Glass Vase has stayed the same for over 2 years, due to the increasing wholesale cost of roses our Valentine’s Day price has had to increased to $120 – still the best deal in Rockingham! Remember when comparing rose prices that our dozen long stem roses comes with a vase.

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