Give some cheer, give flowers

With our aging population, more and more people are finding they have relatives in aged care facilities (nursing homes). While there are a wide range of such facilities, many are dull and dreary places. Sending a bright arrangement of flowers to a nursing home resident can go a very long way to make their lives happier.

As research has shown, flowers provide health benefits for older people – helping with depression and even improving memory! Add in the simple fact that you are letting them know that they are in your thoughts, flowers can be a gift worth so much, much more than the money spent.

With the great value flower arrangements on offer at Hanging Basket Florist, it is possible to send an older resident flowers frequently – say once a month – rather than just once or twice a year on those special occasions. We deliver to the aged care facilities in Rockingham, Spearwood and Kwinana daily. Most residents do not have much space for flowers, so a simple, small arrangement is just the thing to brighten someones room. Small box arrangements are a very affordable option, or a compact vase arrangement for a special occasion will beautify a room without crowding it.

A small gift can do so much for an older person – particularly one who may be living away from family and not receiving frequent visitors. A phone call will let them know you are thinking of them – flowers will be a constant reminder all week.

A bright, cheery flower arrangement
A bright, cheery flower arrangement