Flower Crowns

We now stock the latest (err.. perhaps one of the oldest?) fashion accessories – flower crowns. Our flower crowns are custom made from quality silk flowers so you can really outshine your friends this Spring and Summer. Our professionally made creations will show up those who try to rock the look with something that appears like it came from the  Two Dollar shop!

Flower Crown
Quality Silk Flowers are used in this Flower Crown


After all, If you’ve spent money on a pretty Summer frock do you really want to lower your standards with cheap plastic-looking flowers? Better yet,  you don’t need to stick to artificial flowers. A flower crown with fresh flowers would really get you the wow factor. 

Of course there is nothing new about flower crowns – girls have been prettying up their hair with flowers since time began – but the recent trend is moving away from the strict bridal party adornment back to an every-day accessory. Recent tradition would have bridesmaids and flower-girls wearing dainty circlets of small blooms. Along with the trend to use bigger and bolder blooms comes the arrival of flower crowns for more casual events.

Our flower crowns are the perfect accessory for your Summer dress to get all eyes on you at every backyard barbecue, Sunday session, or after work sundowner this season.