We Want Your Feedback!

Everyday we get phone calls and emails from happy customers thanking us for our service and quality, long lasting flowers – which is wonderful! – but what we really need is for our happy customers to tell the world.

Like many local business’ trying to be visible online amongst the big companies with big marketing budgets can be a real challenge and online reviews give a big boost to this visibility. This is where our satisfied customers can help. The place where reviews give us the most benefit is Google, but unfortunately Google don’t make it easy! To that end we have simple instructions  (thanks to Whitespark) laid out below that you can follow to give any local business a review.

There are a few steps to the process but it is much easier if you already have a Google Plus account. Click on the image for a larger version.

Simple Instructions for Reviewing a Local Florist on Google+
Simple Instructions for Reviewing a Local Florist on Google+


Other places on the web where we would love to be reviewed are FacebookYellow Pages,  Yelp and Modern Comment.

I know that we have many customers who are also small business owners – we all need genuine customer reviews so be sure to support your fellow local businesses and give online reviews to those  you have used and been happy with. If we don’t give reviews, how can we expect others to?