We are now sourcing beautiful Protea and Australian Native flowers from a flower farm in Yelverton, WA.

Although Protea and Leucadendron are native to South Africa, they are often thought to be Australian Natives due to their similarity to Banksia and other Australian flowers.

Currently in season are King Protea, Pincushion and various varieties of Leucadendron (pictured below). When in season we will also have Blushing Bride and Waratah – a true Australian Native flower. These export quality flowers are very popular largely due to their long vase life.

Protea. Pincushion and Leucadendron

Caring for Cut Protea

The typical instructions for caring for cut flowers includes re-cutting the flowers stems before putting into water, however with the Proteas thick, woody stems this isn’t practical or necessary. We recommend adding a drop of bleach to the vase water and changing the water very day. Of course, not everyone has time for daily water changes, but if this is ignored for too long the water will turn brown and smelly, and the flowers vase life will be reduced.

Flowers for all Occasions

Protea can be used in a cheap mixed bunch, big bouquet, traditional arrangement or a modern flower design to great effect – even bridal bouquets for a bush themed wedding  – making them perfect flowers for any occasion.