Yay! Peonies!

Beautiful Bouquets Available on Sundays
Peonies are one of those flowers that most florists list as a favourite. They have a lot going for them, a fragrance that is nothing short of divine, pretty colours, the fascinating way that they open from tiny buds to large, impressive blooms and their relative rarity (peonies are only in season around November to December) – so we florists always get very excited when peony season kicks in.
Peony flowers in our workroom, just arrived from the flower farm
Peony flowers in our workroom, just arrived from the flower farm

With all this going for these beautiful flowers it is no wonder that they are so popular with florists and brides alike.

A Bridal Bouquet with Peonies and Roses
A Bridal Bouquet with Peonies and Roses


The pastel shades of peonies, as well as the sweet fragrance, have made them a very popular flower for wedding bouquets in recent years. Unfortunately, due to the short season few brides get to take advantage of these delightfully pretty flowers.

Roses for Delivery to Kwinana

Here are two dozen beautiful yellow roses I have prepared to go into a big bouquet being delivered to Kwinana today.
Hanging Basket Florist deliver flowers to Kwinana Marketplace and the surrounding suburbs – Kwinana Beach, Kwinana Town Centre, Orelia, Medina, Parmelia, Bertram etc – six days a week. If you are looking for special colours and particular flower varieties be sure to order a couple of days in advance, otherwise for same day delivery to Kwinana just place your order before 2.30 PM.
Roses for delivery to Kwinana
Roses being prepared for delivery to Kwinana
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