Submerged Flowers

Here is a photo of a lovely, simple flower arrangement we sent out for a sympathy gift to the Rockingham suburb of Port Kennedy last week. It’s a Cymbidium Orchid submerged in water in a glass vase with glass marbles and Tortured Willow. Although submerged flowers are typically seen at wedding receptions and other events, I think it makes a perfect gift – someone could keep this arrangement on their work desk or coffee table for at least 10 days (for the best effect the water should be changed every few days).

If you look closely you can see where the willow has actually sprouted a green leaf – keep it in water long enough and it will also grow roots. A good gardener (with a little effort) could actually get their own willow tree from this arrangement!

By Todd Smith

Todd Smith Co-owner/Manager Hanging Basket Florist