Brides Bouquet

Here is a recent bouquet we created for a wedding on HMAS Stirling, Garden Island near Rockingham.

Trailing Style Wedding Bouquet with Oriental Lilliums, Roses and Ivy

It is a simple and elegant bouquet with Oriental Lilliums, Roses and Ivy. As the bride was overseas until a few days before the wedding, the flowers were organised by consulting with the groom and the bride sending pictures via email – this way we managed to create the very look the bride wanted and she was very happy with her flowers. The ivy, along with the pale cream roses, creates a nostalgic, romantic look while the oriental lilliums add some showiness.



Modern Flower Arrangement


This contemporary flower arrangement featuring Mini Gerberas, Oriental Lilliums,  Anthurium and berries was created as a thank you gift for a lady who had hosted a dinner party in Rockingham.

Baby Photo Frames


Baby Photo Frames from Hanging Basket Florist Rockingham
Baby Photo Frames from Hanging Basket Florist Rockingham


We have a new decor gift item in store at Hanging Basket Florist. These baby themed photo frames are a great gift idea for a new born baby or baby shower. A sweet gift on their own or we can add these to a baby theme gift hamper or a basket of flowers. Right now they are featured in our new window display (baby themed, of course!).


Baby Window Display at Hanging Basket Florist in Rockingham WA
Baby Window Display

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great way to brighten up a living area, however many people have trouble keeping indoor plants alive. The biggest cause is usually a poor selection of plants to begin with.

Most plants need sunlight to grow well; few are suited to the low light conditions indoors, particularly flowering plants. Some of the better choices of flowering indoor plants are Spathiphyllum (Madonna Lily or Peace Lily) and Phalaenopsis Orchids (Moth Orchid, pictured below). These plants do well in a bright room, as close to a window as possible so that they can receive as much sunlight as they can. The Spathaphyllum do not like to dry out between watering – depending on local conditions they will typically need watering every other day.

Phalaenopsis or Moth Orchid
Phalaenopsis or Moth Orchid, a beautiful flowering indoor plant.


Twice a week the  Phalaenopsis Orchids need to be given a lot of water and then be allowed to drain. The flowers on the Phalaenopsis Orchid will last for months on the plant, when they have finished blooming just cut off the flowering stem above the first node to encourage more flowering spikes.

Fishbowl Terrarium
Fishbowl Terrarium

Terrariums are another popular, low maintenance option for indoor plants. Keep the terrarium near a window so that they can get get plenty of late and give them a good spray from a water bottle every other day. Just be sure to not over-water.

Hanging Basket Florist have beautiful plants, both for indoors and out, available for delivery in the Rockingham, Kwinana, Warnbro area.

Christmas Gift Ideas

These two arrangements are an exclusive offer from Hanging Basket Florist. The Christmas Tree (above) stands about 55cm tall and is decorated with Baubles, Ferrero Rocher and Santa Chocolates.

Below is our Santas Elves – a perfect Christmas gift that can be used as a Christmas Table Centre – and then dessert! This Chocolate Bouquet is made from Cadbury Magical Elves and is arranged in a Ceramic Vase.

Santas Elves Chocolate Christmas Table centre
Santas Elves - Christmas Table Centre

Either can be used to decorate your home for Christmas or as a gift the whole family can enjoy. To order the Christmas Tree or Santas Elves by phone call (08) 9527 5562, to order online visit, or come to our shop at Rockingham Shopping Centre (see link to map below). Delivery is available in the Rockingham area (Mandurah to Fremantle). These items are custom made by our talented florists and must be ordered early due to the time they take to create.

See these and other great Christmas gift ideas here.
Map of Hanging Basket Florist Rockingham

Spring Wedding

Here is a brides trailing style bouquet (also called a cascade or tear-drop bouquet) and a bridesmaids posy from a recent Spring wedding in Rockingham. The bouquets feature Tulips, Oriental Lilliums, Orchids and Tropical Foliage.

Bridesmasids Posy of Oriental Lilliums, Tulips, Orchids & Tropical Foliage
Bridesmaids Posy of Oriental Lilliums, Tulips, Orchids & Tropical Foliage

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The Nappy Cake shown above was delivered today to a baby shower in Port Kennedy.

Baby Gift Basket from Hanging Basket Florist
Baby Gift Basket from Hanging Basket Florist

The maternity ward at Rockingham General Hospital is so busy, our courier delivers there twice a day –  with flowers, gift baskets, nappy cakes, teddy bears and balloons. But why wait until the baby is born to give one of our Nappy Cakes? They make a great baby shower gift as well as a welcome to the new born – with teddy, singlets, bottle, blanket and nappies, everything a new mum needs.