What is the best value flower gift?

There are many factors that can contribute to the perceived value of a flower arrangement or bouquet. While most of our customers prefer the bigger and more showy box arrangements, more and more people are starting to appreciate the elegant style of more compact designs like the one shown above in a quality vase that the recipient gets to keep.

This is a lovely, elegant flower arrangement I whipped up at about a quarter-to-closing last night for a young guy to give his girlfriend. It has beautiful cream Roses and orange Asiatic Lilliums in a square glass vase.

While  long stemmed roses make a big, impressive bouquet, the flowers shown above with the shorter stems will actually last longer, so for many this design is a better value gift.  When sending  flowers  to someone at work who will have to keep them on a small desk it would be more suitable to have delivered a more compact floral design like the one above.

It all comes down to what an individual sees as better value – be it size, style or vase life and at the same time making sure that the arrangement is appropriate for the occasion and situation. The important part is to let your florist know what aspect of a flower arrangement has the most value for you. We all have our own preferences, but we want to provide you with the gift that you find attractive and see good value in.