Not just flowers

Looking for a gift that can be delivered but not flowers? Have a look at our Chocolate Arrangements – just like a flower arrangement but made with chocolates instead of flowers. We have been doing these for a while now but they really took off at Easter and continue to be a favourite with our Rockingham customers.

Flowering pot plants were also very popular at Easter. The Phalaenopsis Orchids (or Moth Orchids) are looking amazing right now – the big beautiful blooms will stay on the plant for months. The plants make a great little thank you or “just because” gift or if you are looking for something a bit more impressive a few plants in a basket is a lovely bright, cheery gift.

Be warned though, indoor plants are something of a myth as most plants, particularly flowering varieties, need plenty of sunshine for them to thrive. I usually recommend that flowering pot plants are kept on a patio or similar area in semi-shade. However, if you do want to bring a little more life inside your home put your pot plants right next to a window that gets lots of sunlight.

A nice decorating idea is to have a fancy ceramic or terra cotta pot that you can leave inside and swap the plant for a different one from the garden every few weeks. Just don’t take your plants from inside straight to a sunny spot as they will be used to the diffused indoor light and will burn – put them somewhere shady. This way you will be able to enjoy your flowering plants indoors but still give them a holiday outside in the sunshine to recuperate.

By Todd Smith

Todd Smith Co-owner/Manager Hanging Basket Florist