Summer Wedding

Here we have the flowers for the bridal table table and one of the guest table arrangements for a wedding at Munja Gardens in Baldivis on 18th December.

The arrangements feature Oriental Lilliums which are great wedding flowers – the large blooms are very showy and the sweet fragrance will remind the bride of her special day every time she comes across them.

Rockingham Wedding Flowers

From last weekends wedding here is a trailing style bouquet (picture on the left – also known as a ‘teardrop’ or ‘cascade’) featuring White Oriental Lilliums and Red Roses with White Dendrobium Orchids. The bridesmaids posy (right) has White Oriental Lilliums and White Roses.

Sorry – not the best photo’s I’ve taken – but we were flat out busy!

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Florist 911

Last Saturday was a very busy day for us with three weddings for that day. To add to the chaos only one of the weddings had been booked in advance!

I received a call early Saturday morning saying that the brides bouquet from another florist was the wrong colour – “The bride is crying – how quickly can you do a bouquet of 50 Red Roses?”  Usually this is an hour or two’s work – but this day I got it done in 45 mins. Usually every single Rose would be wired but on this occasion there just wasn’t enough time so some of  the flowers in the centre of the bouquet had to go without.

After the emergency was over, and we made a quick hand-tied bouquet for a casual wedding, we could get back to the beautiful Calla Lily (Zantedeschia) Trailing Style Bouquet (pictured) for that afternoon. This is a fully wired bouquet – due to the thickness of the Calla’s stems it was not practical to use a bridie holder. However, the Calla’s hold a lot of water in their stems so it is not necessary to have a water source – the flowers will look beautiful and fresh all day.

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What is the best value flower gift?

There are many factors that can contribute to the perceived value of a flower arrangement or bouquet. While most of our customers prefer the bigger and more showy box arrangements, more and more people are starting to appreciate the elegant style of more compact designs like the one shown above in a quality vase that the recipient gets to keep.

This is a lovely, elegant flower arrangement I whipped up at about a quarter-to-closing last night for a young guy to give his girlfriend. It has beautiful cream Roses and orange Asiatic Lilliums in a square glass vase.

While  long stemmed roses make a big, impressive bouquet, the flowers shown above with the shorter stems will actually last longer, so for many this design is a better value gift.  When sending  flowers  to someone at work who will have to keep them on a small desk it would be more suitable to have delivered a more compact floral design like the one above.

It all comes down to what an individual sees as better value – be it size, style or vase life and at the same time making sure that the arrangement is appropriate for the occasion and situation. The important part is to let your florist know what aspect of a flower arrangement has the most value for you. We all have our own preferences, but we want to provide you with the gift that you find attractive and see good value in.

More Submerged Orchids

Each week we do two large vase arrangements of Oriental Lilliums and tropical foliage for Pandora jewellers here in Rockingham, however this week they are having a special promotion and wanted to add a little puple to their usual Pandora look. I created the above Orchid Vases for them – Purple Dendrobium Orchids and Bamboo, semi-submerged in a glass vase with glass marbles.  I love the look so much I am adding the design to our website, I think it would make a great little gift to sit on someones office desk.

We also did individual wired Orchid blooms to match, which the girls wore in their hair. I would love to see ladies wearing flowers in their hair more often, I think it would look great on the girls going to their school ball with flowers in their hair to match their wrist sprays and corsages.

17th July Wedding

We  have been very busy here at Hanging Basket Florist Rockingham as I have had some time off due to the birth of my baby girl at St John of God Hospital in Murdoch, so I am a bit late in posting this photo of a beautiful wedding bouquet we did on 17th July for a Rockingham wedding. The ivy gives the bouquet a nice flowing look. The bride was, of course, very happy with the flowers.

Sympathy Flowers

Here is a beautiful sympathy flower arrangement created by Ingrid, featuring Oriental Lilliums and Green Dis-bud Chrysanthemums, which we delivered to Bertram last week.

Saturday Specials

Every Saturday at Hanging Basket Florist Rockingham we have specials on cut flowers for cash & carry sales.

The specials vary from week to week but today we have Gerberas at 2 bunches for $12 (that’s 10 stems!) and Oriental Lilliums for $20 a bunch.

Mothers Day 2010

As usual Mothers Day was a crazy time in our florist shop. At the beginning of the week I was coming down with a cold and our growers were telling us that we would not get all the flowers we wanted due to a lack of rain in recent months – but in the end everything went off without a hitch. With many glass-house grown flowers like tulips and lilliums to rely on we pulled it off and our phones were ringing off the hook on Monday with all the happy mum’s letting us know how delighted they are with their flowers.