Anzac Day

Sunday was, of course, Anzac Day and just like the 26 preceding Anzac Days, we delivered about 2 dozen memorial wreaths for the Rockingham service. We have relocated our shop four times (within Rockingham Shopping Centre) in these years, and in our current little shop big events like Anzac Day and Mothers Day can be a real challenge to try and get the same number of flowers into a shop half the size! But of course everything went off without a hitch.

Although it means we can’t attend the dawn service we are proud to able to serve the community and honour the day by spending our Anzac Day morning loading up our van with memorial wreaths and working with the RSL members to help the community mark this day of remembrance for fallen service men and women.

All of us here at Hanging Basket Florist look forward to continuing the tradition for many years to come.

Not just flowers

Looking for a gift that can be delivered but not flowers? Have a look at our Chocolate Arrangements – just like a flower arrangement but made with chocolates instead of flowers. We have been doing these for a while now but they really took off at Easter and continue to be a favourite with our Rockingham customers.

Flowering pot plants were also very popular at Easter. The Phalaenopsis Orchids (or Moth Orchids) are looking amazing right now – the big beautiful blooms will stay on the plant for months. The plants make a great little thank you or “just because” gift or if you are looking for something a bit more impressive a few plants in a basket is a lovely bright, cheery gift.

Be warned though, indoor plants are something of a myth as most plants, particularly flowering varieties, need plenty of sunshine for them to thrive. I usually recommend that flowering pot plants are kept on a patio or similar area in semi-shade. However, if you do want to bring a little more life inside your home put your pot plants right next to a window that gets lots of sunlight.

A nice decorating idea is to have a fancy ceramic or terra cotta pot that you can leave inside and swap the plant for a different one from the garden every few weeks. Just don’t take your plants from inside straight to a sunny spot as they will be used to the diffused indoor light and will burn – put them somewhere shady. This way you will be able to enjoy your flowering plants indoors but still give them a holiday outside in the sunshine to recuperate.

School Holidays at Rockingham Shopping Centre

From 5 April to 27 June 2010 Rockingham Shopping Centre (where Hanging Basket Florist is located) is taking part in the Better Schools program by giving local primary schools a chance to win a $40,000 Canteen Rescue package. Drop your receipts into the customer service desk and receive one point for every dollar spent. For more details see the Rockingham Shopping Centre website. There are chances to earn extra points like Double Points Tuesdays.

This is a great opportunity to help the Rockingham community so don’t forget to hand in your receipts.

Also this school holidays at Rockingham Shopping Centre the kids can learn about the benefits of eating fresh fruit vegetables and how to grow their own food.

Home Decor

We now have a range of home decor items including colourful Dragonfly’s to hang on your wall, large urn style vases and some beautiful mosaic mirrors.

Interflora World Cup 2010

The Interflora World Cup was held in Shanghai last weekend. Australia’s representative Grant Collins came fourth, which is a highly commendable result given the calibre of the competition. Voting is still open for the Peoples Choice award at the Dutch Creations website.

New Season, New Flowers

Easter Arrangement
Easter Arrangement

The wild weather in Perth early last week heralded the change of seasons to the cooler weather of autumn – and with it a change in flower availability. While we are saying goodbye to Lisianthus, one of my favourite flowers with their colour palette of pinks, purples and creams, we can say hello to the first locally grown Tulips of the year.

While the cooler, wetter weather has lead to a slight decline in weddings until spring, we are expecting to be quite busy next weekend with Easter as Hanging Basket Florist is the only florist in Rockingham to be open and offering delivery on Easter Sunday. If you haven’t already registered on our website, do so now to receive a discount for Easter delivery.

Also at Easter we will be delivering a van full of red and white carnations to the Serbian Orthodox Church in Highgate – a job we have been doing for over ten years. While this is clearly well outside our usual service area the lady who orders the flowers is one of our biggest fans and won’t trust anyone else. So Easter is promising to be a busy long weekend.